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The early days

Our Korean CEO - Mr. Sang Hyun Byun first set foot in Vietnam in 2015 as a licensed customs attorney. After over 5 years of working here, he has gained significant acclaim from esteemed organizations including Korea Embassy, Chamber of Commerce, and KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency).

These achievements have solidified his reputation as a leader in the field. In 2020, Mr. Byun established UNI Customs Consulting, aimed at helping businesses operating in Vietnam tackle import-export difficulties.

Embracing challenges

Founded on the principles of expertise, integrity, and customer-centric approach, we believe that every customs challenge can be resolved. Over the past four years, UNI Customs Consulting has quickly become a trusted name when it comes to simplifying import-export procedures. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, UNI maintained steady growth and gained major clients such as Samsung C&T, POSCO, Dongsuh, Kumho, Hansae, INZI, and so on.

To thrive and beyond ...

At UNI, we have developed a team of elite customs consultants that can detect your customs issues, enhance your business efficiency, minimize risks, and reduce costs associated with customs clearance. Looking ahead, UNI aims to become more than a mere consultancy but a trusted partner for businesses striving for sustainable progress. As we move forward, UNI is committed to turning your challenges into opportunities and providing unparalleled value to our clients.


The key to global trade success

As a Vietnam Customs Specialist, UNI supports companies in minimizing risks during the import and export process. We strive towards efficiency and are committed to helping businesses achieve stable growth through legal compliance.

Core Values


Factuality is our top priority. All solutions that we deliver to customers are strictly based on laws and regulations, with sound data and transparent procedures.


Diligence involves meticulous attention to detail during the consulting process. All documents and reports will be rechecked many times until they reach the highest precision.


We pay great attention to each work to ensure that every piece of data, analysis, and documentation is thoroughly vetted and error-free.


We believe in the power of both internal and external collaboration. By working together, we can adopt open communication and mutual understanding, which foster a win-win relationship.

Custom Clearance

Our Principles

  • Deeply understand the specific needs of each client and provide customized solutions accordingly.


  • Regularly review all services and processes to identify opportunities for quality enhancement.


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest customs regulations and international trade trends.


  • Apply thorough planning, execution, and monitoring processes for all projects.


  • Foster a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing among professionals.


Our Leaders


Mr. Byun Sang Hyun


Being the first customs attorney to come to Vietnam, Mr. Byun has gained more than 8 years working in customs policy in Vietnam. He has earned honorable awards from KOCHAM, Korea Customs Services,... In 2019, Mr. Byun was selected as an advisory member of Korea Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City.

ảnh a Huy website_2 - Copy

Mr. Le Ngoc Huy

General Director

With a solid background in customs and logistics and a Master's in Economics, Mr. Huy has profoundly contributed to the success of UNI in its early years. His strategic mindset has been instrumental in solving complex business's customs cases and establishing sustainable growth for the company.

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