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Custom Clearance

As customs clearance procedures evolve, they pose ongoing challenges for businesses. Partnering with a reliable customs consultant can reduce much of the burden and improve overall efficiency. As a trusted advisor, UNI can offer customized guidance and insights for such process.


FTA/CO Consulting

With Vietnam actively engaging in bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), a deep understanding of applicable terms is crucial. Support from our FTA experts can help businesses confidently expand their global reach, reap trade tariff benefits and enhance their competitive advantage.


Anti-dumping Exemption

The threat of anti-dumping duties can pose significant challenges for businesses engaged in international trade, jeopardizing competitiveness and profitability. With a strong track record in anti-dumping cases, our expertise will help you navigate anti-dumping challenges swiftly and strategically.


Factory Setup Consulting

Establishing a new manufacturing facility requires careful planning and execution to ensure efficiency and productivity. From regulatory compliance to operational optimization, we provide expert assistance to streamline the factory setup process with the most optimal cost.


Duty-free Material Management

Managing duty-free materials effectively is essential for businesses seeking to optimize costs in the procurement processes. Our service offers comprehensive solutions to help businesses maximize savings and operational efficiency by leveraging duty-free benefits for their material needs.


Optimal Data Management

From collection to analysis, we employ enhanced software system to manage data securely and efficiently

High Accuracy

We prioritize precision in every aspect of our work. Working with us, you can have confidence in the integrity of the information

Experienced Professionals

Our team possess a wealth of knowledge and skills honed over years of dedicated work in the customs field

Customer-centric Approach

At our core is a dedication to customer satisfaction. We take a personalized and attentive approach to every case

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