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Custom Clearance

Unlock the gateway to seamless international trade

Customs clearance

Custom Clearance

Unlock the gateway to seamless international trade


Benefit from over 8 years of experience gained by our CEO working as a customs attorney, UNI takes pride in our high level of expertise and strategic approach to handle complex customs procedures.

We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with all aspects of legality and customs clearance, which enables us to ensure compliance while minimizing delays and potential penalties.


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Is there a difference between import and export customs clearance?

In essence, both import and export clearance involve going through customs procedures to ensure goods comply with regulations. Import clearance assesses incoming goods for potential duties and taxes based on their value, while export clearance deals with ensuring smooth departure of goods from your country.

How long does customs clearance usually take?

Clearance times depend on the shipment’s complexity and customs workload. For simple shipments, the clearance process may only take a day or so. However, more complex shipments with unusual goods or documentation issues could get held up for weeks as customs officials work through the details.

What documents do I need for customs clearance?

The exact documents required for customs clearance can depend on the specific shipment and destination country, but some common ones include:

  • Commercial invoice: Detailed breakdown of your shipment’s value
  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill: Proof of shipment contract with the carrier
  • Packing list: Itemized description of your goods, quantities, and weights
  • Certificate of Origin: Proof of where your goods were made

What are the costs involved in customs clearance?

Customs clearance can involve a variety of costs, including import duties and taxes, as well as clearance fees paid to customs authorities and customs brokers. The total cost can vary significantly based on the shipment details, commodity type and destination country.

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